voiceovers that really speak to your clients


Abbey: mid 30s - late 40s

Reference AF17 when booking

Amanda: 20s - mid 30s

Reference AF34 when booking

Belle: mid 30s - late 40s

Reference AF41 when booking

Caitlyn: late 40s - 60s

Reference AF55 when booking

Deni: mid 30s - late 40s

Reference AF15 when booking

Julia: late 40s - 60s

Reference AF12 when booking

Loz: 20s - mid 30s

Reference AF09 when booking

Maddie: 20s - mid 30s

Reference AF54 when booking

Nina: late 40s - 60s

Reference AF32 when booking

Tania: mid 30s - late 40s

Reference AF03 when booking


Charles: late 40s - 60s

Reference AM47 when booking

Connor: 20s - mid 30s

Reference AM25 when booking

Gene: late 40s - 60s

Reference AM21 when booking

Geoff: late 40s - 60s

Reference AM35 when booking

Grayson: late 40s - 60s

Reference AM34 when booking

Jay: mid 30s - late 40s

Reference AM19 when booking

Keith: late 40s - 60s

Reference AM15 when booking

Max: late 40s - 60s

Reference AM33 when booking

Murray: mid 30s - late 40s

Reference AM42 when booking

Todd: 20s - mid 30s

Reference AM05 when booking


Hosted PBX is the fastest and most feature-packed way to get your phones up and running. Deployment is fully automatic and it's simple to use.

With an ezypbx you're free to number your extensions however you like. In fact, there's no reason you couldn't design and implement your entire new ezypbx within 10-20 minutes!

ezypbx will lower the cost of a phone system for your business. Expand your office to a different building, or your employees can work from home ... even the other side of the world ... and you can call each other for free!


Imagine the simplicity of attaching a PDF to an email, addressing it to our dedicated ezyfax address, putting the recipient's fax number as the subject on the email ... and hitting send. And better yet, all incoming faxes are sent directly to your email inbox.

Finally there's a way to run a paperless office, for only $7.49 per month, plus fax call charges as low as only 12c to any Australian fax line ... and you can receive an unlimited amount of faxes free!.


If you represent a Managed Service Provider, IT support company, Web Host or similar and would like to resell our unbranded services as your own, make an enquiry about becoming an ezyreseller.

We use service-specific, "generic" URLs such as voipserver.net.au to "grey label" each service, making them perfect for you to start reselling in minutes. So send us your details and we'll be in touch pretty quickly.

Provide your "own" services to your valued clients. They'll never know we're here.

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